Study in Portugal

Estudar em Portugal
Estudar em Portugal

Study in Portugal

Portugal, the current darling. If you are thinking of taking a degree or expanding your studies in Portugal, you should know that you are not the only one.

Over the past two years Portugal has been voted the best country to live in on the European continent.

But what makes Portugal so attractive to Brazilian students?

Of course, the first thing we take into consideration is the language. Ease of communication is one of the factors that weigh most when choosing this country.

Culture is also another important factor. Brazil was colonized by the Portuguese (at least that’s what the history books say). So we are more familiar with their food and lifestyle.

The financial issue is also very important. The cost of living reduced by European standards, renowned universities with the highest quality teaching staff, safety, climate and, not to mention that Portugal is the gateway to Europe. Once there, you can easily travel to other countries in the European community.

As you can see, Portugal has become the dream of many Brazilians.

Another good news is that studying in Portugal has become easier for Brazilians who want to graduate, as many Portuguese institutions signed a partnership with INEP and started to accept the ENEM result as the only requirement for candidacy.

The minimum ENEM grade to use as a way of entering higher education in Portugal generally varies between 500 and 600 points, depending on the university. They have different criteria for admission – such as minimum grades, weights, the required course and number of available places.

For Brazilians who want to pursue a Masters or Doctorate in Portugal, there are numerous options. And a fact that few Brazilians know is that most masters and doctorates are taught in English, another differential to improve this foreign language so known by the Portuguese.

Today Portugal has 05 universities among the 500 best in the world. The University of Lisbon has the best classification, followed by the University of Porto. The other three are Aveiro, Coimbra and Minho.

Prices at universities in Portugal vary according to the institution, course and modality. It is essential to keep in mind that even public institutions are paid, although much cheaper than private ones.

Application fees range from 20 to 110 euros. Some courses generate extra expenses with a physical and sports fitness test or with a medical and physical strength exam.

In case of approval, freshmen will be able to pay monthly fees of up to 700 euros or annual fees ranging from 1,500 to 7,000 euros in up to ten installments. The best classifieds will have the chance to receive discounts and pay lower annual fees, from 1,040 to 2,250 euros.

Most public universities have a subsidy from the Portuguese government where a discount is applied for students from Brazil, the so-called CPLP scholarship.

The monthly cost of accommodation, material, transport, food and other basic expenses can vary from 300 to 500 euros per month. In some cases, institutions offer the possibility for the student to include room and board in the tuition, resulting in an increase of 250 euros per month.

For Brazilians who intend to study in Portugal, there are two types of visas:

Study Visa: for stays that do not exceed one year;
Residence Visa for Study Purposes: for stays longer than one year and for the purpose of study.

And then? Are you interested in studying in Portugal?

Search for a university, find the most suitable course, apply. Once you have approval, please contact us and we will assist you with the visa process.

Dream, plan, realize. Enjoy the preparations, make plans, make friends, create stories.

Leave all the bureaucracy to us.

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