Sworn Translations for Exchange

Tradução juramentada para Intercâmbio

Sworn Translations for Exchange

Conducting an exchange is one of the most incredible experiences and provides personal development for those who take part in this adventure. Personal, professional and cultural enrichment are part of the bag that will last a lifetime.

The experience is unique, but careful planning at this stage is important. There is a lot of information: choice of country, course, institution, culture, climate, food, language, documentation…

Ahhhhh the documentation. This is where I want to get. Did you know that a sworn translation of some of the exchange candidate’s documents is required?

To start with, I’m going to explain what a sworn translation is.

A sworn translation is an official translation, regulated in Brazil by Decree Law No. 13.609/43 and by the commercial boards of the states, whose purpose is to validate documents in a foreign language in Brazil and vice versa. It is a legal requirement that aims at the integrity of the information, avoiding distortion or tampering with the original content of the documents.

It is a translation covered with specific standardization:

It can only be performed by a sworn translator, who is a professional with a public examination and able to carry out the work;
It is printed on letterhead paper;
It has the translation registration number;
It is signed by the translator;
It is valid throughout the national territory and outside Brazil;
It has no validity.

For the exchange or application for a study visa, the documents that usually need to be translated (this will depend a lot on the country or institution) are:

school records,
Certificates of completion,
Course menus (for university exchange),
Bank statements, income tax returns and payslips (to prove financial resources).

Why is a sworn translation necessary?

Because sworn translated documents are more acceptable and are for life all over the world.

Thus, it is very important that, in the exchange planning phase, all this information is validated by the institutions or agencies that provide support services to the exchange student. Knowing which documents need to be translated is critical to the success of the process.

Grupo Solución has a specific department to assist exchange students in sworn translations. We have a team focused on the specific needs of the exchange. We work with short deadlines and personalized service.

And the best of all? We serve all of Brazil.

Get in touch via e-mail intercambio@gruposolucion.com.br or by phone: (11) 3511-3800

Learn more about sworn translations through our website https://gruposolucion.com.br/intercambio/

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