Grupo Solución - Solução em Tradução de Documentos

Grupo Solución has been in the market for 44 years offering sworn, simple, and technical translation services and providing our clients with the highest quality, agility, and security.

We are committed to excellence and professionalism and we always pay attention to confidentiality, reliability, and punctuality in our work.

We present a complete range of services to our customers, providing solutions necessary for business globalization. These go from sworn translations of documents for exchange students to the translation of manuals, contracts, localization of websites, software, and applications.

Our solutions meet the needs of large corporations, educational and research institutions, entrepreneurs, startups, government agencies, and customers so that they can communicate and achieve success in the national and international market, helping them expand and consolidate their brands.

With offices established in São Paulo, Brazil and Miami, USA and a global presence, we are leaders in the translation market throughout Latin America. More than 1,500 professional translators, spread across five continents, are part of our team, providing us with a high level of quality and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

We have already served more than 18,000 customers worldwide using an infrastructure that prioritizes technology and innovation.


What are the differentials of Grupo Solución and what defines our pioneering spirit as a translation company

Our structure is divided into specialized departments, such as health & life science, legal, technology, manufacturing, games and applications, among many others, for the best use of professionals and tools. In this way, we are able to cover various economic sectors and serve the most diverse and demanding audiences.

We are proud to be part of our customers’ daily lives by providing solutions that help in the growth, expansion, and consolidation of the most diverse brands.



Global Company, Local Service

With offices established in Brazil and the United States and with representations in the European and Asian continents, we offer personalized service to customers, maintaining a fast, direct, and easy communication channel giving all the necessary support and, at the same time, offering the best solutions applied throughout the world. We are able to serve companies and brands with global operations in various content production hubs.

Qualified Team and Technology

All our translators are trained in Translation. We believe that translating goes far beyond the simply transcription of a message from one language to another. To spread this message, in addition to proficiency in another language, knowledge is needed on all the theory and techniques developed in the area. We are adept at using technology and knowledge that result in partnership with human activity to deliver the best results: agility, reliability, security, volume, and cost reduction. Knowledge, technology, and innovation make Grupo Solución one of the best translation companies.

Knowledge Management

Translations are our greatest asset. We have developed our own tool to manage the content produced by our teams, helping and facilitating the communication of the clients and brands we serve. The standardization of terminology, language, and content provide more quality to our work and satisfaction to our customers.

Information Security and Pioneering

We were the pioneer in implementing internal information security processes, offering absolute peace of mind to our customers, even before it became a global issue. Our translations are surrounded by protocols and processes, in line with national and international standards and laws.



Our mission is to communicate. It is to facilitate relationships between people and organizations, foster business and provide opportunities, expand markets, and provide growth for companies and brands.


Communication cannot be a barrier, it must be a bridge.

That’s what we do. We transform barriers into bridges so that communication can go even further, impacting more people and companies across the planet.

Our solutions are designed to connect people, communicating in a more assertive, natural, and diverse way.

In summary: our goal is to make language more accessible to everyone.


Diversity, credibility, honesty, trust, and innovation when collaborating with our customers are our main values, the foundation on which we develop our abilities to transform the world in which we live.

Some “tips” and differentials of Grupo Solución

  • Carefully choose the sworn, simple, and technical translation solution you need. Choose a company with experience. The advantage is in those who invest more in methods, processes, technology, team training, constant acquisition, and good knowledge management.

  • We always seek to innovate as a translation company, being focused on a market that values the growing importance of communication in globalization processes. Our main objective is to meet the global communication needs between the corporate and academic areas, markets and countries, building bridges that fill in the gaps between different languages and cultures.

  • The text below shows how easy it is for the translation service buyer to realize the added value and analyze other important factors besides price.

    If we consider the great need for communication that meets globalization, we will be able to understand the reasons why the concepts of the translation activity had to be expanded, redefined, and standardized. The strong increase in demand also required the mobilization of universities to expand the curriculum of their undergraduate and specialization courses. Translators and other professionals specialized in any type of provision of global services, especially translation companies, also needed to change their attitude.

    Our main objective is to maintain a team focused on recruiting, selecting, training, updating, equipping, and motivating our employees. We work with a team of project managers, reviewers, quality analysts, technical terminology advisors, glossary developers, and style manuals.

  • We invest in knowledge management and, to this end, we have an Intranet to better manage and provide intellectual capital.

    Our management has always been focused on innovation capable of bringing solutions to the challenges of globalization, which are greatly affected by lack of standardization or by the mismatch between definition and growing demand.

    Our 44-year experience has allowed us to create a methodology that defines the qualitative importance of the translation services we offer.

  • International quality, training, team motivation, high technology, online-monitored production, and extensive terminological databases to support sworn, simple, and technical translations. Carefully evaluate the translation company. Visit the translation company to see if they have the necessary infrastructure. Evaluate all aspects.

    Our Quality Assurance policy provides standards demanded by the global translation services industry. Therefore, our strategy is:

    • To define methodologies and processes that provide efficiency gains and result in the satisfaction of our customers for all sectors of the company;
    • To adopt a management that meets market expectations;
    • To keep teams trained;
    • To ensure constant investments in improving the technical training of the team;
    • To guide processes through parameters established in international technical standards;
    • To keep our hardware and software technology always up to date with international standards;
    • To encourage the continuous exchange of experiences within the corporate world;
    • To remain a global company that provides sworn, simple, and technical translation services in multiple languages; to continue being a reference for the entire Brazilian sector; and, to increasingly expand our participation in the international market.

  • Our company analyzes the product’s suitability levels based on the intended standards. Quality control processes take place together with the translation because of the need for exact compliance with delivery deadlines. The success of this stage also depends on a well-designed Quality Assurance policy.